About Us

Hello and welcome,

Chaud 16 is a place to get inspiration for fashion and art. I made this site off of my passion for fashion, and at a young age, I can’t just snap my fingers when I want something to happen.

So, I have started this website to hopefully get a head start on making a clothing store.


Here’s a back story on why I’m starting now.

So my dad started his own business by himself, it was small at the beginning but then grew, grew, and grew. Now my dad is getting partnering offers and….well….now his business is known by a lot of people.

That’s just a short summary of how his business got big.

My dad knows business, but I wanted to show him that I can make and grow a business all on my own.

And now, with this website, I know I can make it happen.


With the help of Polyvore and its amazing designing technique, I can make these awesome designs!

For more about polyvore, visit the website, just click on the link above.


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